Spring  2019




User Experience

Package Design



Wheel of Emotions soap packaging

The Wheel of Emotions Collection is a packaging line designed for the fictional Ladies First Soap Shoppe in Key West. I designed and assembled packaging for two of the hand bar soaps featured in the collection, Pride and Envy. The boxes have three components that reveal the subsequent olfactory information and elements of branding specific to each soap and the concept I designed for them.

Using Dr. Plutchik's model of the wheel of emotions, and the emotions that surround and inform the two I chose to design for within Plutchik's wheel, I created a visual system for each box. Pride makes use of warm soft tones that range in saturation and intensity. Jagged and pointed shapes fill the inside of the box and find their way into the illustration work. 

I illustrated simple icons for the chosen floral notes that I associated with Pride after breaking down its more abstract feelings and associations. The icons are designed and placed in a way to let viewers know the different notes they will experience and the order they will reveal themselves in. 

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