Fall 2019





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Editorial Design


nobody else

This project is a redesign of the lofi EP Nobody Else (2017) by Idealism. To capture the soothing nostalgic atmosphere of this EP’s soft sounds of piano that intertwine with the white noise of a

rainy cityscape, it was designed in a cosmic sepia-toned aesthetic. This vinyl sleeve design is paired with collateral that reflects the popular ephemera of student study-life that “lofi culture” often finds itself embedded and thriving within.

The visual identity for this project came together after many hours spent listening and

re-listening to the static filled, ambient sounds that Idealism uses as the foundation for the songs on this EP. I was drawn to the way these soft lo-fi sounds use a symphony of late night urban sounds underneath flowing piano and string melodies. The atmosphere it creates is comforting and an ideal soundtrack for late night studying. These sounds are able to help clear the studious mind and transport you into a bustling yet peaceful cityscape that makes you feel like you are one in a crowd yet simultaneously alone, on a wandering night journey with nobody else.


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