Fall 2019





User Experience

Editorial Design


women of print 

Women of Print is an interactive book featuring a diverse array of women in print design. It showcases 20 designers and 20 projects through bold monochromatic spreads and pull-out cards between pages that engage users with bio-facts, quotes, and QR codes to 

encourage further exploration through an easily transportable form. This book is an homage to the wonders of print that seeks to help elevate a more diverse canon of graphic design.

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Women of Print’s content is a curated selection of 20 projects that were made using some variation of a print process to create physical ephemera. The 20 designers whose works are featured span an array of cultures, ethnicities, and nationalities. This was purposefully done to counter the tradition of design canons that have typically lacked the diversity that is present in the sphere of print design. This collection of projects showcases innovative printing techniques and the effects of each designer’s biography within elements of their projects. Together they offer a different narrative from what so often saturates the design canons of history: the narrative of the white male designer. 


Once all images of the selected projects had been collected, I sought a spread design that would allow readers to appreciate the form of the projects first before allowing them to take in other facets of the work through the interactive pull out cards and the featured QR codes. The monochromatic spreads rotate between the project’s three main colors to accomplish this and create a collective moment of unification across the book. The pull out cards reflect this color rotation while showing a glimple of each project in full color and allowing reader’s to delve further into the featured designer’s practice with just a quick scan of a phone.