"The farther you wander the more you forget where you came from"



Spring 2019





User Experience


Payne's Trail

Payne's Trail is a domino style card game based around an invented myth from the very real Payne's Prairie located in the heart of Gainesville, Florida. It's visual style embraces themes of local lore and scenic views that one can expect to see on their journey through the prairie. 

myth of the game

As a way for the local land to preserve itself, at twilight hour any travelers within Payne's Prairie may find themselves caught within its liminal space where distance and time warp the farther they wander. As roads become abandoned by travelers, tempted to traverse the prairie's depths, they risk being stuck in this beautiful and paradoxical space  forever should they remain until sunrise.


rules &  game Play

Each player will draw five cards from the deck and keep five in hand for the duration of the game. 

Player 1 will place down one card from their hand. Player 2 must then draw a card from their hand that has either one of the two suits featured on Player 1's card and must lay it down so that it is connected accordingly. Placing the matching suit of their card on top of the matching suit of the first plays card so that they are perpendicular and create an "L" shape. 

Both players will continue to go back and forth  this way creating a zig-zagging path . Should either player not have the necessary suit in their hand during their turn, they must draw three cards. If they still do not possess they needed suit, the other player will have a turn and they will draw 3 more cards on their next turn. This will continue until they have the necessary suit.


The first player to run out of cards will be the winner.