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Taylor Franklin

, a graphic

Hello! I'm 

designer based in Portland, Oregon.



I'm inspired by

type, & 




I currently work as a junior designer

at an ad agency.

Hello! I'm Taylor Franklin, a graphic designer based in Portland, Oregon. I'm inspired by geometric shapes, experimental type, & dreamy details. I currently work as a junior designer at an ad agency.



Because the Internet

Women of Print



Fable Forum

Input Memory


Nobody Else

Women of Print is an interactive book featuring a diverse array of women in print design. It showcases 20 designers and 20 projects through bold monochromatic spreads and info cards between pages that engage users with bio-facts, quotes, and QR codes to encourage further exploration through an easily transportable form.

It is an homage to the wonders of print and aims to  elevate a more diverse canon of graphic design.

This redesign for Childish Gambino’s Because the Internet (2013) features a completely re-imagined vinyl album package and concert memorabilia. The packaging with its vibrant layers of color framed in gold, exposes anatomical imagery. The track list explores the narrative of the deep repercussions of a digitally crafted self in the age of the internet, while this album redesign captures the eerie feelings that come with that experience.

Payne's Trail is a card game design based on a fictional myth about the very real Payne's Prairie, a state park divided by a local highway right in the heart of Gainesville, Florida. Its visual style embraces mystical iconography and scenic views that one can expect to see on their journey through the prairie. With a bright identity and mystical themes, this domino style game can be enjoyed by all ages.

Fable Forum is an event website design and branding package for an imagined conference on international folklore. This five page site and the conference attendee memorabilia are inspired by stories from several cultures that appeal to history and supernatural fanatics alike. The branding is derived from extensive research, and hand-drawn illustrations of the very stories that helped inspire this visual language.

Input Memory Source is a case study on the evolution of video recording technology explored through a digital zine format. The spreads contain creator commentary that discuss a 20-something's perspective of a revolutionary yet obsolete piece of home entertainment. This project was inspired by the question: Where did the hardcore 90's nostalgia come from recently? A question that can surprisingly be answered through a VHS case study.

Nobody Else is a vinyl redesign of the 2017 album by the artist Idealism. To capture the soothing nostalgic atmosphere of this EP’s use of piano and the white noise of a rainy city-scape, it was designed in a cosmic sepia-toned aesthetic. This vinyl design is paired with bullet journal collateral and pins made for Idealism’s audience of highschool and college students who often engage with his music during late night study sessions.

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